the sky is the limit

Hello my name is Pieter, nice to meet you.


I live in the beautiful city of The Hague, and I'd like to share how I found my way to PSYCH-K®. The story begins with my experience of developing Long Covid during the pandemic, and since then, much has changed. Through my occupational therapist, I discovered that the mind-body connection has a significant impact on life.

I have experienced that a positive mindset strengthens your life and can lead to fewer physical complaints. PSYCH-K® is one of the fastest and most effective techniques for making positive changes in life.

I understand that this might sound esoteric; I thought so too. However, this technique has helped me so much that I now hold three certificates through Paula van der Werff and have witnessed significant positive transformations. Starting with the idea 'It can't hurt to try,' I now see that the results speak for themselves.
PSYCH-K® is something you have to experience for yourself and cannot be compared to other techniques. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

My mission:
FLY is a safe space to help people disconnect from limiting beliefs so that they can lead a better life. By booking a session at FLY, you also contribute to a good cause, allowing us to make the world a bit better together.

Below are some personal examples of my experiences:

Long Covid
During my struggle with Long Covid, I first encountered PSYCH-K®. It was a time when I had experienced a setback. After just one session with the occupational therapist, I immediately noticed progress, whereas before, things were only getting worse. Additionally, I had issues with sensory overload in stores, which was addressed in a session, allowing me to comfortably navigate stores again.

Fear of Heights
Fear of heights has always been a challenge for me. After a session addressing this fear, I can now drive in the mountains without breaking into a panic, despite the elevation.

Job interviews often bring stress. By alleviating this stress, I can enter interviews with a sense of calm and relaxation.

Dealing with an Accident
In a distressing accident where the first responder was emotionally affected, resulting in tension, within 15 minutes, this person and I, using PSYCH-K®, managed to process the stress, bringing a sense of calm.

PSYCH-K® also provides support for topics such as self-love, self-worth, core values of life, relationships, fear of death, and much more. 

The possibilities are endless; FLY - the sky is the limit!
Empower yourself with PSYCH-K®! You can make positive changes in your life in The Hague or online.